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Becoming Human is a Rite of Passage for those born to change the world.

Over 8-weeks you’ll meet the core mysteries of being human and learn to incarnate into the eco-system of life, where your unique essence takes deeper form.

As you bring forward more of your magic, you probably feel bombarded with influencer culture and 6-figure noise, and don't feel truly seen for the depth you carry.

…This is the moment you commit to becoming more of yourself, rather than changing into something you’re not. The earth depends on your uniqueness in order to flourish.

The spiritual path is about Becoming Human. It’s that simple, obvious and raw. 

The human experience is a cosmic drama of heartbreak and triumph - we rise and we fall, yet always spiral into deeper wholeness. Embracing this truth is essential in aligning with our destiny.


But we forget this in a culture of glossy capitalism and fantasies of transcendence that sever us from the beauty of our humanity and its innocent, wild nature.


Becoming Human teaches you how to embody the power you already possess and harness the challenges you face as doorways to uncovering your personal destiny.

"I feel truly changed on a cellular level. I feel like I’ve finally chosen the path I didn’t know how to walk along and now I am here to face it and claim how I move in this world."

Lucy, UK

You are part of an eco-system that holds and loves you. You sense when you are disconnected from this love or in alignment with it.


We feel our connection to the web of life through grief, anger, aliveness, and joy. These feelings are trustworthy, intelligent and always echo back to us where we are resting within the greater eco-system. These feelings ultimately call us to wholeness.


Becoming Human is to crack open and merge with the wider web of existence. Not as something to achieve, but something you attune to, feel and soften into, that confirms you belong to something greater.


Deep within your humanity lives an instinctual, primal intelligence that knows how to love, serve, create, and move in harmony with creation. 


But we’re conditioned away from this instinctual intelligence - numbed out, corrupted with agenda and cut off from the overflowing essence that permeates our form.

We begin 11th July, 2024




Becoming human is to relax into what is so tenderly, powerfully and hopelessly you. The parts of yourself you learnt to run from and abandon.


The You-ness underneath the performance, hiding and pretence. The You-ness that is so effortless, but gets contorted by the pressure to fit in.


Our humanity is fragile, receptive, vulnerable AND ecstatic, erotic and wild. It takes deep self-love and courage to embrace this paradoxical truth. 


We learn to see our humanity as shameful, weak, evil and insufficient, and we respond by puffing up in ego or shrinking in shame in order to cope, but this just dislocates us further and we remain hungry for the satiation of our authentic humanness. 


There is an art to becoming human, which resides in the somatic, relational, and spiritual dimension of reality that urges to be felt and expressed.


Becoming Human is a journey into this art-form and the embodied pathways of touching your sacred humanity and the fulfilment of true self-love.

If you’re a change maker, earth leader, artist or awakening soul, Becoming Human will support you to incarnate into your essence as an agent of love, change and healing.

In this journey we will deep dive into... 

soul tribe harp.jpg

Ripened by the journey...

Becoming Human is to mature our relationship with life and get sober about what is honest, integral, sustainable and in service to the whole.

This is a kind of ripened humanity that we deepen into over a life-time and Becoming Human is an opportunity to commit wholeheartedly to that journey.

Unique and Rare Soul -
we see your secret power.

Courageous Human -
we know you’re here to leave a mark.

Tender and Fierce Mystic -
we see the magic that lives in you.

You’re here to weave a new spell,
dance to a new flow... 

Becoming Human is the initiation of a life-time. 

It’s time to return to wholeness and take your seat within the Great Story.





Includes access to an online group portal where you'll find additional resources to support your integration.


Week One 
The Spell & The Sacred Wound

Week Two
Initiation & Relationship

Week Three
Self-love & Eros

Week Four
Belonging to the greater eco-system.

Week Five
Divine Incarnation

Week Six
Ancestral Reconciliation

Week Seven
Sacred Role & Stewardship

Week Eight
Cultural Resurrection

*Modules often change slightly to meet the group field.

About Shannon

Shannon Leeghan Major is an Oracle and Teacher of Self-Love. Her channel is a well of grace and freedom for those who are ready to break free from their ‘wrongness’ and inhabit their divine humanity. Her wisdom is a sword of justice in a culture that tells us we are broken and need fixing.

Shannon has worked with 1000's of people internationally over the last decade, in the realms of healing, relationships and self-expression. Her mantra is to embrace and accept the human experience in its fullness, as a doorway to unlock the profound gifts it has to offer us, which comes in ugly and beautiful packages.

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mlg soul tribe.jpeg

About Matthew

Matthew Liam Gardner is a 2nd-generation Teacher and Luminary who is calling forward, initiating and guiding a new generation of Emerging Elders, Cultural Leaders and Custodians of the Sacred. He is a keeper of Mythic Lore, an experienced Shamanic practitioner, and a dreamer of Cultural Resurrection.

Matthew has been mentoring and leading transformational journey's for the last 20 years. He is here to call you into a deeper intimacy with your own deep being and the ecosystem of life that you’re already part of.

Through archetypal activation, somatic inquiry, embodiment practices and ritual, you'll become more intimate with your embodied destiny.

Becoming Human is not about getting somewhere or fixing your wounds, but an initiation to deepen your roots, refine your essence, mature your humanity and bring you closer to the love that you are.


This initiation is a breath of fresh air in an over-saturated culture of quick-fixes and me-centred self-development work.


It’s not just about you, but about your connection to the Whole - within yourself, your community, and as a steward of the earths dreaming. This is the true fulfilment of personal and collective destiny.


Your Destiny is to Become Human and emanate the unique essence only you carry, in service to the whole.


This isn’t just a course - but an ongoing activation that will guide you to move in the world with deeper maturity, aliveness and embodiment. 


Becoming Human is a reclamation of the sacred imperfection and divine destiny within the human experience. 


You’ve come to the right place.

want to join us?








OF £115








*After you register we'll send you an email with all the information you need participate.


“This journey was completely unexpected. I heard the calling to attend on the day it began and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. I’m so glad I listened to the calling as the trajectory of my life completely changed after the event.Matthew and Shannon so exquisitely co-created a safe and sacred space to reveal all of myself where I was able to access my deepest liberation.


I have been to hundreds of events and retreats, and I can hand on heart say this was the best I’ve ever attended. I’ve learnt from this journey that all that matters is love within community. To each be fully seen and held and to prioritise the sacred and simple in life - the most enriching way to exist.


Matthew and Shannon’s deep well of ancient wisdom captivated me and I am walking away with a whole new perspective on life as well as bearing witness to a frequency of love that I’ve never experienced in that way before - thank you both for your magical wild souls. I truly love you deeply,"

Faye, UK

We are excited to journey with you and feel honoured to walk with you in this way.

~ Shannon & Matthew

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