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Within the portal of these 5 weeks you are invited to experience a Sacred Power remembering. This is the kind of remembering that lives in the earth medicines, in the deep cultures, and in some uncommon old world teachings. You are also invited to deepen your relationship with WHAT you are, and to build your relationship with the myth that is coming alive through you in these times. For many this kind of journey is a meaningful way to arrive into new chapters of service, to remember the core of your being, to mature into the next stage of your life journey, or to realign to what you most deeply love. The spaces we share will be well held, the journey will be led masterfully and the teachings and practices we journey will serve you for many decades to come. CORE PILLARS 1. MAHA is Sanskrit for 'Great Wave'...and hints at the power of the elemental forces of nature embodied in a person. 2. MYTHOS is the mythology that lives within all things and the great story that all things live within. 3. PERSONAL LEGEND is our very own story within the living myth of creation. 4. SYMBOLISM that has always been right in front of our face calling us remember our Sacred Power. THE INVITATION I invite all Leaders, Facilitators, Emerging Elders and Great forces of love to join me for 5 Weeks in MAHA. This offering comes off the back of a profound few years of initiation, ritual, and deep listening.

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