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As you go about your day today

remember that Destiny doesn't exist in the future,

it lives in every single moment.

Destiny doesn't call you out of your body

it calls you into your body.

Destiny doesn't need you to comprehend,

it illuminates you with BEING-ness.

When you first look Destiny in the eye

it will ask only for presence and willingness and trust.

Destiny never looks like what you think you know,

it takes the form of something far beyond

even your most expansive imagination.

Destiny will transform and unmake the world you were born into

and lovingly tend the dream seed of what comes next.

Destiny doesn't demand you become something else,

it is the remembering of what you ALREADY are - and ALWAYS have been.

Destiny waters all the seeds you forgot sleep inside you.

Destiny will shed all your skins and gift you back to the womb,

gift you back to the earth,

gift you back to the dreaming.

Destiny isn't some far off distant dreaming,

it lives in every single moment,

its here with us right now,

maybe you can even feel it in this next exhale.

~ Matthew Liam Gardner

ART: Nikolai Astrup

*Painted over 14 years between 1912 and 1926 - how extraordinary!


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