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Introducing Matthew...

If you don’t know me yet…I’m Matthew Liam Gardner.

Today I’d like to share with you what I’m dedicated to, what I’m advocating for and what I’m dreaming in this world we share…

and in a round-about way, in writing this post, I’m revealing to you who I truly am.

There is a great love and a deep curiosity that lives inside me and its been growing exponentially since 2005 when I began my journey as a Mentor and Facilitator.

Stepping into the beginnings of leadership challenged me to question what it really means to be a human being and asked me to consider what was worth devoting my life to.

Its taken me a long time to answer that question with real integrity.

For the last 5 years I’ve been deepening my connection to a unique stream of emergent wisdom that has ancient roots and our shared future at its core.

These are uncommon wisdoms that are food for the human soul in these times but they also ask you to meet and rest into places in your being that are tender and raw.

If you are a leader, a respected voice or one who walks first in your family, community or region, these wisdoms are here to stir and catalyse the dormant parts of your being and call you deeper into a grounded, embodied version of all that you have always been and all that you are becoming.

We are in a chapter of renewal and remembering in the greater story of humanity. This is an essential developmental stage we must all go through for us to pass on to future generations a culture, a civilisation and a world that is ripe, alive, beautiful, sustainable and truly thriving.

At the core of what I’m advocating for in this season of my life is….

An embodied remembering of Mature Humanity, Deep Leadership and an intimacy with the Human Soul.

As part of my devotion to this dream I am calling for the re-culturing of the leaders of the Western World, and probably, that means YOU.

As those who are respected and looked to as role models begin to remember and embody a deeper, riper, more beautiful humanity the wider tribes slowly follow in their wake and a great deepening begins to ripple through our human family and around the western world.

Nothing catalyses remembering in our wider communities like living examples of embodied humanity walking amongst us.

As part of this I am calling the leaders of The West (thats you) to walk a path that remains uncommon in our times; The path of Embodied Leadership, a path that first and foremost demands an intimate and integrated relationship with the deep root.

I ask you to look to your lineage, to your ancestors, to your ancestral lands, to the rivers and mountains where you were born, to the lingering myths and songs of your ancient peoples that hold whispers of the original consciousness, and to start asking yourself the profound questions ‘Who are my people?’, ‘What is my culture?’ and ‘What is my deep story?’.

Hidden deep within these questions is an important embodied remembering waiting for all humans that stirs the cells, grounds a timeless belonging, and brings mature meaning to the mystery of a human life.

You’re invited to journey these explorations on your own, with another teacher, or if you feel to, you can come and sit with me…

In 2023 I’ll be running Leadership Immersions that teach the forms and ways of Embodied Leadership, holding ritual spaces that initiate and integrate sacred form, and facilitating Rites of Passage into Sacred Leadership.

Please let me know if you’d like to be kept in the loop with these and I’ll keep you up-to-date as we move deeper into 2023.

You might also notice that I’m about to facilitate a 3 Day Poetry Challenge ‘Called Poetry for the Altar’ AND a 6 Week Online Course called ‘Poetry of the Deep Soul’.

Poetry is an art form that attunes us to the imaginal, to the invisible, to the living mystery, to the soul of all things.

Poetry is the art of intimacy with life expressed in words.

Poetry adds colour to a black and white western world and it infuses a particular richness into the hearts and tongues of leaders who have grown up without the earthy roots of deep culture.

Over a lifetime poetry naturally initiates us deeper into our soul and teaches us how to move beautifully in the world.

I’m dreaming a world of poetry and magic and sweet deep meaning.

I invite you to dream it with me.


In the coming months, years and decades there are also some bold (and often extraordinarily vast) projects that I will be either seeding or adding the full weight of my being too.

The first of these projects is the remembering (through cellular revelation, deep listening, ecstatic communion and ritual practice) of the forgotten songs, dances, rituals and Lore of the Pre-Roman Empire Indigenous European and Celtic Tribes. The first step in this journey is likely to be the arrival of ‘The Old Earth Choir’.

The second project is the return of the Mystery Schools & Temples to Mona (Anglesey) 2000 years after The Last Stand of The Druids. If you don’t know the story, its one of the greatest ever told, and if I have my way the last chapter hasn’t been written yet.

The third project is the ‘emergent practice’ of localised councils and elder-councils around the western world that will form the reverent heart of the new communities/villages/clans. Teaching and Holding point for Lore (emerging and traditional) will be central to the role of these councils.

The fourth project is the arrival of genuine Rites of Passage and Honouring Ceremonies for those stepping into positions of Sacred Leadership within our wider communities. Within this is a dreaming of deep integrity, maturity and kinship forming a new baseline standard of leadership in the western world.

Each of these project are, in their full form, actually multi-generational devotional dreamings of cultural renewal…and I understand I will be planting trees here that I’ll probably never get to sit in the shade of myself.

It feels really, really good to finally have my cards on the table in front of my wider community. I imagine this post will help you see a little deeper into my rib cage and I trust you can feel the great love that lives inside me and underneath each of these dreamings.

I open myself to all aligned support that is here to stand with me and for me.

If you would like to advocate for me, interview me or connect me with key stakeholders that can bring this work, these projects and my teachings to the wider world….please do so and let me know.

I open myself now to those that have been waiting for me to name myself…

if you are ready to sit with me, learn from me or journey the initiations of Sacred Leadership…I'm here…reveal yourself to me below or privately.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this sharing and I look forward to sitting eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart with you when you are ready and the moment arrives.

With great love always,

Matthew Liam Gardner


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