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The path of Ancient Earth Wisdom

This is the path of Ancient Earth Wisdom, of remembering the dreaming

that still lives in your blood in your bones in your nose in your eyes

Of moving through the world like a prayer like a flame like love come alive.

This is where you come to take the seat that is yours the one your ancestors made of moss and fur and sand and stone and prayers.

'One day they will find their way here and know themselves as all that they are and have always been and all that we are and have always been.'

The one seat built just for you over ten thousand generations by ten thousand pairs of hands.

A throne-nest beside the great fire of your people your clan your great loves.

The fire thats been burning since the first lightning struck

since the first human howl echoed through the valley

since the mountains first spoke in myth and sung the sun into the sky.

The seat that is yours not because of anything your own mind dreamed into being but by RIGHT by BIRTH by the BLESSING that is the miracle of billions of years.

Take your seat at the fire where the world comes alive and remember the being that lives in your eyes.

~ Matthew Liam Gardner


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