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The River came before the Banks.

Life must flow free before it settles into form.

Do not try to shape a thing before you truly know what it is, before you've met it in every cell of your body, before you love it, and cherish it, and revere it for what it already is.

Do not try to shape a thing until you've danced with it, until you've laid with it, until its brought you to discomfort ten thousand times, until you've wept at its feet, until its broken you open and cracked that shell you built around your tender form, until that untamed beauty and wild magic and roaring, living, dreaming life pulses through your being too, until the numbness you denied has washed away in the raging love of those wild waters.

Do not shape a thing until you've accepted that its your own discomfort that you cannot stand, not that thing, not that form beauty takes, not that wild, unruly, unpredictable burst of life that no mind can make sense of.

Do not seek to control those forces you do not understand, come into intimacy with them, take them as your beloved, face them, but not with pointed swords and piercing eyes, with the curiosity of the reborn, with the willingness of the wanderer with the intention and purity of the love that is the presence that gentles all things.

Do not try to shape a thing, let it shape you, let it change you, let it grow you, let that water flow over all things destined to grow that you never knew lay waiting just under your surface.

And finally, when those great currents calm, know yourself now as the banks of life that you'd never be if that wild water hadn't set you free.

~ Matthew Liam Gardner


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