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The secret of the ‘Spiral Circle’ lies in the depth and quality of the meaning you as facilitator/leader/space-holder/circle dreamer can meet and rest into…within your own being...

In how attuned, open and curious you can be in the raw humanity of the emergent moment; of the groups unfolding frontier.

Each circle you hold can only open as wide as you can open.

Each circle you hold can only touch those places you yourself are prepared to touch inside yourself.

And so each circle Will only be as honest as you are honest with yourself.

How honest you can be with yourself Will define the legacy of your circle And the quality of the magic stirring in this moment that you dreamed.

Now… If, seeded at the centre of your circle, there is a prayer that this group and this space and all beings that share it (Including you) may touch their tender edges rest into their deep core and spiral to all places you yourself cannot yet comprehend…

Then YOU no longer become the glass ceiling of the gathering you humble yourself to your own unknown and the mystery becomes the true leader of the space.

And YOU? You become the presence devoted to the mystery you become the devotee to emergent life itself.

Only from here you will find can you truly serve humankind.

So become the presence that meets the mystery masterfully so become the form that bows to the emergent moment so become the student and first devoted member of every circle you ever call and at the centre of each circle seed a prayer that serves us all.

~ Matthew

ART BY: Gaia Orion

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