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There is a beauty

waiting to bloom

seeded deep within

your being.

Its been there

since before you took

your first breath.

You've seen its face

in your deep dreams

many times before.

Some say

it smells like a mountain,

looks like a breeze

and feels like tomorrow.

Its always there

just under the surface

and it wants,

like all seed-dreams,

to find its way up

into the realm

of the alive.

This beauty

doesn't fit

into this world,

doesn't make sense

in these times,

and you won't find

a soul on earth

able to comprehend it

in its entirety,

in its fullness,

not even the most journeyed

of all beings you know.

No Elder.

No Teacher.

No Seer.

No Leader.

No Coach.

There's not a being on Earth

who already knows

the fullness of the beauty

that is yours

to bless upon us

until you've blessed them

with your BEINGness.

Even your own mind

can barely touch

the distant edge

of all that this thing,


and stirring

inside you,


The closest we can get

is the knowing

that this forming beauty

is the initiation

that you uniquely hold

for all beings.

The Remembering

that only you

can breathe

into our lungs.

This seed inside you

is yours

and yours alone

to water

and tend.

So you have to learn

to be its sole guardian,



and you have to somehow

find within you

the courage,

the will

and the belief

to stand for it

and speak for it

and give your life to it,

even though it might not make sense,

even though it will eventually

remake the world

that kept you safe

and ultimately reshape,

over and over again,


you thought you were.

But, at the end of the day,

if you ask me,

that's the whole point anyway.

~ Matthew Liam Gardner


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