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'What if' (Trending Poem 2023)

What if… The grandmothers of your ancestral lands were still singing songs for you.

What if the chiefs never stopped gathering The tribes together.

What if you and your family were still welcome Needed even still considered part of the heart of the clan.

What if they could always feel you What if they already knew you what if they’ve been waiting for you.

What if a fire was lit every season as a blessing for you, In honour of you In a calling to you.

What if there were prayers for you That were dressed in smoke and sent out around the world in the hope you’ll one day hear them, or smell them or see them passing by.

What if these fires had been lit since before you were even born.

What if the harps were still being played in roundhouses with snow on the roof and feet were still tapping, dresses still swirling and hands still clapping.

What if the ancient songs woke up inside you again What if the dance of the deep tribes wanted to come alive inside you What if the lost stories found their way back to your tongue.

What if the horns were still sounding your return from the hilltops.

What if the wise ones and a generation of initiated elders were almost ready again after centuries.

What if we are at the beginning of a time on earth where the western world truly remembered its deep roots.

What if we were alive in a time where we all began to restore our intimacy with our ancestors our lineages our ancestral lands our deep culture and our own Indigenous Roots.

What if just for a moment we sacrificed a little growth for some real depth.

What if we all stopped chasing someone elses story and instead turned to face our own.

What if we all remembered We belonged to a land to a people to an ancient story to a living dream.

What if we had as much reverence and time for our own culture as we did for others.

What if we walked the paths the west forgot, and what if on those paths after all this time we finally found each other again.

What if...

The grandmothers of your ancestral lands were still singing songs for you

and you just hadn't learnt how to hear them yet.

~ Matthew Liam Gardner


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