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When you start to grow wings your feet will naturally leave the ground. It's important to hover above the earth for a moment or even for a few seasons.

Take in the view, revel in what you can see now that you could never see before, bathe in the revelation of eternal sunlight.

But eventually we must each return our soles to the soil.

Only from here can we grow the kind of deep roots that birth rich fruits.

Only from here can we truly honor the greatest gift we ever received that is this matter magnetised together, taken form and become animate.

On the great pilgrimage of a human life find your way to the winged ones with roots on their soles and soul in their roots.


~ Matthew Liam Gardner

Here's a summary of this piece for those who'd like to consider it in a deeper way...

In this poetic piece, Matthew Liam Gardner emphasizes the cyclical nature of human growth, moving between ethereal transcendence and earth-bound grounding.

The "wings" symbolize spiritual elevation and suggest that it's essential for human beings to detach from the mundane so that they may connect to higher perspectives and a new experience of themselves and life itself .

This flight allows a person to witness the beauty of creation through their seeing. However, Gardner stresses the importance of grounding oneself and returning to the physical realm it's not just about 'seeing' it's also about 'being'.

The "deep roots" signify a depth of wisdom and experience; only by grounding oneself can one manifest tangible growth, represented by "rich fruits."

The "matter magnetised together" underscores the miraculous nature of physical existence.

The culmination of this journey is a harmonized existence where one possesses both wings and roots, reflecting a balance of illumination and earthly wisdom.

"Awen," a Druidic word, encapsulates the flow of inspiration and spirituality, further emphasizing the profound interconnectedness of all elements in this journey.

ART: The talented Alice Haibara

Find more of Alice's work HERE


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