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An initiatory path for mystical beings as they cultivate their essence and ripen into sacred role.

Join a Revolutionary Wisdom School with weekly classes and a magical community.

There’s a collective disconnection in the air…


A sense that we've forgotten what it means to be human and the love we belong to.


You already know this, you’ve been feeling it for a long time, perhaps since you were a child...


and it's meant you've felt odd and alone because you experience the world differently…


Your eyes are open to both the magic of being alive and the systemic ignorance of this magic.


You’re sensitive to the world around you - this is your gift (even though it can feel like a curse).


You viscerally experience the rebirth our world is going through, as a new world is being dreamed…


You’re one of the Dreamers…


Of an earth where humans feel whole, embodied, and alive.


And a culture where everyone has a sacred place and purpose.

You know there’s medicine inside you that is missing from the world and until you emanate it fully, the world will feel less complete.


Are you ready to commit more deeply to the path of Becoming Yourself?



School of Living Myth is a training ground for you to deepen into your essence - the archetypal flavour only you possess, to grow roots that connect you to your human family and the sacred role you were destined to embody.




It's just £65 a month

and you can cancel any time.

You'll be supported to...

  • Deepen into your embodiment & essence.

  • Trust yourself - your wisdom, instincts and inner knowing.

  • Cultivate your archetypal medicine.

  • Integrate the shadows that bind you in a state of disconnection.

  • Move in the world with more honesty, maturity and soberness.

  • Transform the patterns that keep you stagnant.

  • Uncover the destiny seeded within your hardest challenges.

  • Ripen into your Sacred Role.

  • Become more relational and intimate with your human family.

When you ENROL you'll immediately get ACCESS TO...

  • LIVE WEEKLY CLASSES: Meaningful wisdom teachings, practices and subtle rituals with Shannon and Matthew.

  • RECORDINGS of all previous classes

  • OVER 130HRS OF RESOURCES: Classes, courses and curated talks

  • GUIDED SOMATIC PRACTICES to support you as your embodiment deepens.

  • OUR SCHOOL PORTAL is available via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

  • OUR COMMUNITY of supportive and soulful beings from around the world.​


  • DIRECT QNA ACCESS to Matthew and Shannon

"I feel truly changed on a cellular level. I feel like I’ve finally chosen the path I didn’t know how to walk along and now I am here to face it and claim how I move in this world."

Lucy, UK

Our school is a training ground for Sacred Role.

We are each born already pregnant with potentiality. A seed has the potential of the fully expressed tree living dormant inside it, as do we each have the potential of our fully grown form sleeping within us. The world dream of our time will try to shape you in an image that is not yours. Call it collective conditioning, call it Kali Yuga, call it a life-sapping culture, call it the colonised mind, whatever you call it, it will try to make you take on a form that does not disturb the current collective story.


The deepest expression of your being isn’t just here to disturb the collective story—it's here to rewrite it. One of the greatest challenges of your life will be finding your way back to the prayer at the core of you, back to the pure form of your being, back to the essential truth of who you really are and the world-breaking revelation of WHAT you’re here to be. What you’re here to be… actually, genuinely, truly, it won’t be dressed in any of the shallow skins of a sterile world.


The deeper form of you, the grown form of you, the matured form of you, has a sacred role essential to the architecture of creation, vital to the ecosystem of life on earth, secretly craved by your human family, all over the world. I won't lie, it’ll take everything you have to keep ahold of the golden thread, as you follow it through the ongoing initiations and seasonal rebirths over your life-time.


Time and time again, you’ll be asked to draw on a deep well of inner resources that you simply don’t yet have, that you must grow and develop through your unwavering commitment to the path, through the sustained risings and fallings of the devotional journey. The pressure you experience at points on this journey will be beyond anything you could ever comprehend. Such is the nature of genuine initiation. Such is the lived experience of incarnating — actually.


But, despite the challenge, both you and I know that it is the only honest way; the only way that rises up to meet us when we choose the deepest integrity, when we decide to honour who we truly are, what we’re here to be, as we slowly, over many seasons of refinement and maturing, become a genuine fully-formed contributor to our human family and the sacred dream of life on earth.



Join our school for just £65

and cancel your enrolment any time.


Secure a year-long enrolment and

get 2 months free.

School of Living Myth is a place to Cultivate Your Essence & Embodiment.

Beyond the collective spell of unworthiness and codependency lies a sanctuary of fulfilment through the Mother. She’s the wisdom of our senses, emotions, passion and desires. We’ve become fractured from Her through cultural conditioning and thus our deepest essence. Within School of Living Myth, you’ll learn to deepen into the fulfilment of your embodiment and dissolve the cruel narratives that convince you to abandon yourself.


This same cultural conditioning teaches us to point the finger at our patterns and trauma as personal failures, rather than understanding our suffering as an adaptive response to unsafe ecosystems within childhood and the wider system that didn't encourage our tenderness or power. 


By trusting your emotions/nervous system as intelligent and becoming radically self-accepting, you uncover the jewel of your essence - the nourishment, uniqueness and medicine you were born to emanate. This practice weaves into our experience of intimacy and belonging - to feel at home with others and life itself, carve out a home in yourself first. 


Becoming your True Self is a flowering of Father Consciousness - through the awareness of where you speak/respond from, the mental constructs you entertain and the unconscious patterns that diminish your life force when you’re not looking. Our ability to be conscious of ourselves is the foundation of our growth, dignity, and self-trust. 


School of Living Myth is an immersion into the Mother & Father principles as essential dimensions of who you are, to support you in becoming more conscious, embodied, and connected to your essence, so you can get out of the way and move with the unfolding of your destiny.


Tuesdays at 8PM
London Time

On the first 4 Tuesdays
of each month.




When you register you'll instantly get access to the online portal, all resources, previous classes and a community of magical beings from around the world.


About the School

School of Living Myth is based both online and on the foothills of the Black Mountains in South Wales (UK) where we hold in-person immersions each year.


Our online community comes from all over the Western World including the UK, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


The School was founded in 2023 after a 4-year incubation process. Matthew and Shannon have worked for over a decade as teachers and mentors and knew it was time to stand together more deeply. The School is a product of intense initiation, research and refinement.

Our members are people of all kinds and all lands; Medicine People, Facilitators of Remembering, Teachers, Mentors, Poets, Witches, Wise Ones and Deep Listeners, Students of Life, Rising Forces of Love, and Emerging Elders.

This is the Path of Incarnation,
the Way of Embodied Destiny.

Our School calls to the change makers, mystics, and medicine holders, to the poets, the artists and the new paradigm dreamers.

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Our School Culture

School of Living Myth offers a rare cultural field that supports you to incarnate more fully into the ecosystem of life on Earth.


Our school is a growing ground;

a place where you don’t just learn,

you remember,

where you don’t just understand,

you become,

a place not just of knowing,

but of truly being.

About Shannon

Shannon Leeghan Major is an Oracle and Teacher of Self-Love. 


She believes that life calls us back to wholeness through our emotions, relationships and the instability we experience. By learning to trust the unfolding of life and being aware of how we respond to it, we find a deeper alignment and discover the myths that shape our unique essence.

Shannon has worked with 1000's of people internationally over the last decade, in the realms of healing, relationships and self-expression. 

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About Matthew

Matthew Liam Gardner is a 2nd-generation Teacher and Luminary who is calling forward, initiating and guiding a new generation of Emerging Elders, Cultural Leaders and Custodians of the Sacred. He is a keeper of Mythic Lore, an experienced Shamanic practitioner, and a dreamer of Cultural Resurrection.

Matthew has been mentoring and leading transformational journey's for the last 20 years. He is here to call you into intimacy with your deep being, your destiny and the extraordinary meaning that underpins your life.

Inside the school, you'll be immersed in the mythic journey of Becoming Yourself & Remembering Wholeness.


School of Living Myth is an ongoing initiation of deepening your roots, refining your essence, maturing your humanity, and coming into relationship with the ecosystems of life on earth and the love that you already are.


In an over-saturated culture of quick fixes and me-centred self-development: School of Living Myth is a breath of fresh air.


It’s not just about you, but about your connection to the Whole - within yourself, your loved ones, your community, and as a steward of the earth's dreaming. This is the true fulfilment of personal and collective destiny.


Your Destiny is to Become Human and emanate the unique essence only you carry, in service to the whole.


When you join the school you enter into an ongoing activation that guides you to live with deeper intention, purpose and embodiment. 












3 Months














*Once you've registered you'll have instant access to the school, all classes and our resource library.



“This was completely unexpected and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. I’m so glad I listened to the calling as the trajectory of my life has completely changed. Matthew and Shannon so exquisitely co-created a safe and sacred space to reveal all of myself where I was able to access my deepest liberation.


I have been to hundreds of events and retreats, and I can hand on heart say this was the best I’ve ever attended. I’ve learnt from this journey that all that matters is love within community. To each be fully seen and held and to prioritise the sacred and simple in life - the most enriching way to exist.


Matthew and Shannon’s deep well of ancient wisdom captivated me and I am walking away with a whole new perspective on life as well as bearing witness to a frequency of love that I’ve never experienced in that way before - thank you both for your magical wild souls. I truly love you deeply,"

Faye, UK

We look forward to welcoming you into the School and feel honoured to walk with you in this way.

~ Shannon & Matthew

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