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Matthew Liam Gardner's Bio
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Matthew a 2nd-Generation Master Teacher, Emerging Elder and Luminary. He is calling forward, initiating and guiding a new generation of Emerging Elders, Cultural Leaders and Custodians of the Sacred.


Matthew has a captivating ability to weave together mystery teachings, mythos, and deep seeing as he invites you into a deeper experience of your life and your destiny.

Matthew is the Founder of

School of Living Myth

alongside his wife, Shannon.

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Welcome Kin!

I recognise and honour the many miles you've already covered in the great journey of a human life and all the risings and fallings that have led you here and made you the being you are today.


You've arrive into a sanctuary for your Deep Being, a Mystery School, a Temple Seed, a remembering of what a human being really is, a revolutionary way of relating, and a training ground for Embodied Leadership.

Here, you’ll find a growing ground that will enrich you, call you ever deeper and meet you eye-to-eye and belly-to-belly whether you are decades deep or just getting started.

Always, we begin with a time of unlearning. We question the ingrained perspectives of the world we were born into, we challenge the ground we stand on and meet the world from, we bow to the parts of ourselves that we have denied or not yet given permission to come alive, and gently over time - we come to remember who we truly are and rest into all that we have always been.


Over seasons we realign to a genuine living intimacy with our own indigeniety, ancestry, people, lands and our own role within the great story. Here we come into ever deeper listening, remember our Belonging, come into right relation and as the seasons turn begin to find more and more of the solid ground of Mature Humanity, Embodied Destiny and True Elder-hood beneath our feet.


I'm here as Teacher, Facilitator of Initiation and Guide as you remember yourself, shed the subtle spells, grow into all that you have always been and rest into the place within our human family that is your birthright.


This journey is as much about skin shedding as it is about collective responsibility, and as much about attuning ever deeper to the subtle as it is about remembering your true power and place within it all.

This body of work and these offerings are open to all beings who are ready and those who arrive here are each already on their own path of embodied leadership and deep listening.  Often those who find me are facilitators, ceremonialists, medicine holders, bardic beings, emerging elders, wizards, chiefs, visionaries, wise ones, witches, priestesses, yogis, teachers, students, craftsmen and those who are simply really good at following their nose to all the places where the magic's alive.


If you'd like to drop into a new depth of intimacy with your own being and your role within our human family, if you'd like to restore your relationship with your land, and your people, and your ancestors, and your story, if you're ready to remember what a human being really is and move beautifully through the world, I'm pleased to share that you've followed your nose to the right pace.


I’m so glad you're here!

~ Matthew

"Your spine is your ancestral spear; 33 generations lined up and pointing at the earth wherever you sit."
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Matthew is an Emerging Elder of the Western World and an experienced Facilitator of Embodied Remembering. He offers online courses, in-person workshops, ceremonial events, transformative experiences and seasonal mentorship.

He was born in Eastern Australia on Gubbi Gubbi land, near the winding  Moocooboola (Mary River) and Djaki Kundu (The Gympie Pyramid). He currently lives in the Rolling hills of Mid-Wales with his magical-wild-witch partner Shannon.

With a rare ability to speak the unspoken, name the invisible and point to what's really needed, Matthew's teachings and insights are food for your ancient soul and revolutionary in these times.

Tapped into a unique stream of grounded and timeless Wisdom, he has a captivating ability to weave practical teachings, meaningful stories, and revolutionary ideas into an intimate experience filled with raw humanity.

Matthew has a great love for poetry and his own book 'Watering the Wild Soul' is available online in kindle, paperback or hardcover forms.



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