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Words to tickle truth, call you home and
wake your wild soul.

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Your deep being is calling you to a place that is beyond what you 'want', far richer than what you 'desire', and far more honest than anything you can 'manifest'.

In this place you are more YOU than anything you can currently consciously comprehend - and because of this it takes a radical kind of faith to give yourself to the greater, often non-linear, non-sensical mystery that is the only path that leads there.

But if you do answer the call when you finally learn how to hear it and if you do stay the path much, much longer than will be comfortable - you'll eventually find yourself in the realm of an honesty, a genuine humanity and an original form of magic that sustains through the seasons, breathes true love into the world and actually begins to break the spell.

As an offering to creator you'll have to put what you thought you were on the altar and take a form that breaks the world you were born into - but that death (the death of what you were and the world that was) is just the beginning and beyond lies the greatest, most wild, most beautiful adventure of all...

The one that you know in your deep heart,

the one that lives beyond words and beyond capturing,

the one your ancestors are singing you into,

I call it 'the great adventure'...

and its real.

~ Matthew Liam Gardner

Life is always leading you

towards yourself.

Are you willing?

Are you listening?

Are you following along?**

The call of life

will always eventually draw us

beyond what we know

into the mystery,

into the unknown,

into the uncharted

parts of our being.

This doesn't just happen once,

it's not a single momentary awakening

and then we're done,

it's an ongoing spiraling ever deeper

through the incomprehensible,

through the unconscious,

and out again into the comprehensible,

and an integrating into the conscious.

Such is the nature of our humanity

and the mystery of being human.

We are, after all, immense,

and spiritually vast beings.

Without life working us,

leading us,

birthing us,

calling us into our most functional, innate form,

and stirring tension in all those places

we didn't know we needed to look,

it's very easy for us to lose ourselves

in the dissociation of our own infiniteness.

Luckily, life is actually very practical

and is forever calling us

towards our own centre,

always singing us

into the shape that is ours

and supporting us

to take our place in creation.

Our relationships,

our limitations,

the ecosystems we find ourselves

born into,

these initiations birth us,

these tensions shape us,

these fields forge us.

Life is always drumming us

into the revelation of ourselves,

always calling us to listen

beyond the short-term impulse

of what 'we want'

into the deeper story

of 'WHO we truly are,'

'WHAT we truly are,'

and 'WHY we are here.'

We can never quite comprehend

the fullness of where life is leading us,

the same way the initiate

can never fully comprehend

how the initiation

will fundamentally change them

and WHO they'll emerge as.

To be led by life,

to be led by the great love,

to be forged by fate,

this takes a faith.

A radical faith,

an unshakeable faith,

a faith that lives beyond choosing.

A faith that is born of the ISness,

a faith that is the knowing beyond knowing.

Life is always leading you

towards yourself...

Are you willing to be led?

~ Matthew Liam Gardner

Turn to face

your fractured frame

old friend.

Do not run

from the wound

from the tenderness

from the raw humanity

of it all.

Dive into the abyss

of your secret agony

and let yourself be remade

in the alchemy

of your fall

through darkness.

~ Matthew Liam Gardner

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